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expert - accountant - manuel-l - accountant-startup
Manuel L.
Funding Consultant

Industry: Construction
Environment: Mid-Size

expert - accountant - barb-a - sap
Aisling M.
Part-Time CFO

Industry: Food & Beverage
Environment: Enterprise

expert - accountant - nick-b - real estate
Nicholas B.
Financial Controller

Industry: Real Estate
Environment: Startup

expert - bookkeeper - anna-s---bookkeeper-microsoft-dynamics
Anna S.
Financial Modeler

Industry: Non Profit
Environment: Mid-Size

expert - accountant - terry-a---accountant-logistics
Terry A.
Interim CFO

Industry: Logistics
Environment: Startup

expert - bookkeeper - jenna d - full charge bookkeeper
Jenna D.
Pricing Specialist

Industry: Technology
Environment: Startup

Barry H.

Industry: Entertainment
Environment: Mid-Size

expert - controller - julie k - non profit
Julie K.
Financial Analyst

Industry: Retail
Environment: Enterprise

Arthur A.
Market Researcher

Industry: Transportation
Environment: Mid-Size

expert - accountant - maya e - food beverage
Maya E.
Part-Time CFO

Industry: Services
Environment: Startup

expert - accountant - mario s - services
Mario S.
Financial Modeler

Industry: Manufacturing
Environment: Enterprise

expert - cfo - robin-w---cfo-technology
Robin W.
Financial Controller

Industry: Technology
Environment: Mid-Size

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Industry Expertise

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Highly Educated

42% have a postgraduate degree, including JDs, PhDs, MBAs, and MSs - compared to 14% of the American workforce.

Serious Experience

Many have worked at top companies like Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG, the IRS, the US Air Force, Citi Group, PepsiCo, Hilton, and more.

Platform Expertise

Connect with experts in QuickBooks, Dynamics, Sage, Xero, Netsuite, ADP, or any other platforms.

Get hand-matched to the perfect freelancer!

Cash Flow Management

Manage your capital runway, debt obligations, and ensure the ability to invest in new projects.

Profitability Optimization

Identify opportunities to improve margins through granular analysis of channels, service lines, products, and more.

Exit Strategy

Prepare your company with defensible financials and a logical strategy before an interested party comes calling.

Fundraising Support

Plan for the timing, format, and level of funding required to support business operations.

System Implementation

Put systems and controls in place across your business to accelerate growth.

Risk Management

Understand the risks and roadblocks that lay ahead and proactively work to avoid them.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Unlock scalable growth through new business models, channels, verticals, or customer segments.

Competitive Analysis

Understand the opportunities and threats to your business presented by other players in the space.

Financial Reporting

Gain a clear picture of your business’ operations with expert financial reporting.

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